Families & Children


We just love little ones. They're so changeable (in more ways than one), so fun and patience are the order of the day. We know that their personalities shine in a familiar environment, so for that reason we come to your home, or to a park where they love to go, to capture these images. And we love some images in black & white.


Youngsters to Teens

Personality rules, and anything goes when it comes to clothing and props. We can capture your youngster either in traditional or contemporary poses, but with personality in mind. In your home we have access to familiar toys and props, so the possibilities are limitless, and these guys really feel at ease there. Plus, we have their entire clothing wardrobe from which to choose. Be prepared to have some fun!



Small, medium, large or XL, they all fit. We're all about lifestyles, so whether your fit is formal and traditional or more casual and a little contemporary, we know how to portray you in a way that still captures the relationships that define family love. Your home is a great choice for these priceless images, but we also take many of our families to the park for a casual, environmental style. We mix color and black & white for variety.


Outside and On Location

Great portraits aren't about the clothing or the props...they are all about expressions, feelings and relationships. That's why our years of photographic experience has shown us that the best portraits are the result of familiar, fun surroundings. Backgrounds that establish "place" in your portraits...places that you will fondly remember in years to come as you enjoy your portraits. For that reason, we do all our work at a location of your choice.

We spend a lot of time in Grapevine Springs Park with children and families, capturing casual moments that reflect the natural beauty all around us. Or, maybe your home is the best background for creating an heirloom treasure of your children or family in familiar surroundings. We believe that "place" is extremely important for the mood of your portrait, and for that reason we come to you.